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Other Services

Other services collections planning

Conservation Planning and Advice

We can help you formulate, write, and implement your:

  • Conservation and collections care plans and policies
  • Conservation Management Plans

Clifton Conservation Service can provide advice on the conservation of objects as well as providing advice to contemporary sculptors, artists, and craftsmen on potential conservation issues and appropriate materials. We can supply recommendations for improving your storage and display conditions, and for suitable archival storage materials for your collections. We can also advise you on objects for prospective acquisition.

Other Services Loans and Exhibitions

Exhibitions and Loans Service

Our conservation team has extensive experience of installation and de-installation of temporary exhibitions at venues across the country. We can provide you with on-site conservation support for the duration of installation and/or de-installation, which can include:

  • Condition checks and documentation before installation
  • Stabilisation of objects on-site if needed
  • Condition checks and documentation upon de-installation
  • Full reports with annotated photographs
  • Advice on the care of objects on display, specifications for packing, and advice on light levels and environmental protection

We can also provide help with condition checking, report writing and packaging for loans to and from your museum, both domestically and internationally.

Other services emergency planning

Emergency Planning

We can help you incorporate conservation and collections care considerations into your existent emergency plan and provide advice on salvage and triage.

We are also happy to conduct table-top exercises with your team, where we sit down with a scenario tailored to your institution and see how well your emergency plan holds up. Results are completely confidential and you will receive a list of recommendations for ways to improve your plan. These exercises can be done with or without your local emergency services present and at the end we can offer you help with re-working your emergency plan if you wish.

Other Services Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

The staff at Clifton Conservation Service have experience writing risk assessments for a range of situations and practices. Subjects may include assessments for fire, flood, theft and vandalism, as well as for objects containing hazardous materials (e.g. asbestos, arsenic, lead, mercury or radioactive material).

We are also happy to audit chemicals, solvents, and adhesives used in museums and conservation labs and help you stay on top of COSHH assessments. Contact us if you would like more information.

Other Services Bench Hire

Bench hire

Do you need work space or access to secure, well-equipped facilities?

Our conservation laboratory offers bench hire for short or long term professional hire.

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We welcome any enquiries about our services and aim to get back to you within a few days. If you have a particular project which you wish to discuss please get in touch with us.

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