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We work on a wide range of materials and collection types from museum objects to family treasures.

Treatments can range from preservation to restoration and could include:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Providing advice on storage and display
  • Consolidation and stabilization
  • Supporting fragile areas
  • Surface finishing and protective coatings
  • Repairs to damaged or worn areas
  • Stain reduction or removal
  • Replacement of missing pieces
  • Retouching and colour matching repairs
  • Treating and inhibiting corrosion
  • Micro-excavation
  • Removing mould
  • Pest eradication and treatment of pest damage
  • Examination using ultraviolet light
  • Storage solutions and repackaging
  • Bespoke supports and mounts

Treatments carried out are always fully documented and photographed. Materials are chosen for their stability and reversibility from a range of well-tested conservation grade alternatives. All objects are given the care and consideration they deserve regardless of their financial value or age.

We are also happy to write up a detailed condition report without treating the object.

Our conservator has worked on objects ranging in size from pea-sized Anglo-Saxon glass beads to huge plaster replicas of classical statues.

We are happy to accept archaeological finds, social history objects, ethnography, numastics, scientific and medical collections, natural history, and taxidermy specimens. We work with ceramics, metals, basketry, wood, leather, bone, paper, stone, plaster, wax, glass, textiles, modern materials, and composite objects.

Small objects brought in by appointment can be assessed for treatment and an estimate provided free of charge. Visits to assess objects in situ can be made both within the UK and overseas for a fee. Quotes can also be provided from good quality photographs and detailed descriptions of objects.

Conservation Example

Conservation Example

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