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We can offer object handling, emergency planning, collections care, and pest management training for your staff.

Collcare pest management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

This practical course will teach you how to identify the most common pests, how to control them, and how to set up your own monitoring programme.

Emergency planning and recovery

Emergency Planning and Recovery

On this course you will learn more about why and how to draw up an emergency plan, and what you can do if the worst does happen. This includes a practical element of salvage training in the afternoon.

Other services emergency planning

Emergency Planning: Tailored Table-Top Exercises

We will tailor an emergency scenario to your institution and perform a table-top exercise with your team to try out your emergency plan. Afterwards you will receive a report with helpful recommendations on what can be improved. This half-day course can be done with or without your local emergency services on site to answer (and ask) questions.

Hidden hazards

Hidden Hazards: How to Spot Asbestos in Collections

An introduction to asbestos in museum collections including what to look out for and how to cope if problems occur.

The museum environment

The Museum Environment

This course covers the agents of decay and how they can damage your objects as well as what we mean by "the museum environment" – including what you can do to improve and monitor it.

Collcare packing

Packing and Handling

Participants will learn more about safe handling of objects, packing and moving collections, and why handling can cause problems.

We can also offer bespoke talks and seminars to interested local groups and societies. Contact us for more information and our rates.

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